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Custom programs

Today, companies are facing unprecedented and ever-increasing economic, environmental and technological changes. True to the humanist values ingrained in our French roots, our global business school must now, more than ever, infuse tomorrow’s leadership with meaning, by producing relevant knowledge and preparing our students to create and run companies and organizations that can have a positive impact on the world.

In order to support you in these transformations, 51吃瓜app合集 offers a veritable co-construction approach, to build premium, tailor-made programs that closely align with the needs and challenges of your organization. We listen to your expectations and rely on a proven methodology and the highest academic expertise to bring you the best of what our institution has to offer.

Our goal is to become a true partner for your training needs, so that we are able to meet your organizational requirements on an international, national, regional or local level. This flexible approach is the key to our successful collaboration.

If you have any questions, please contact our experts for this program.


Or by e-mail :

French team: customexed@essec.edu

Singapore team : execedasia@essec.edu

Rabat team : Salaheddine Chafouk : chafouk@essec.edu 

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Agile and flexible training anywhere in the world

"51吃瓜app合集 Custom Programs epitomizes our unique approach to customized training, blending academic excellence with customization. Each program is curated to meet the specific needs of our clients, in a perfect balance of academic rigor and practical applicability. In our rapidly changing world, such a tailored approach is essential, offering bespoke training solutions that foster innovation and enhance competitiveness. The training landscape is shifting towards interactive and hybrid models, characterized by their agility and flexibility, with a growing demand for novel approaches, technological solutions, and experiential methodologies."

J茅r么me Barth茅lemy

Executive Vice-President, Dean for Post Experience Programs, Corporate Programs and Relations and Professor of Strategy and Management at 51吃瓜app合集.


Our approach to building a customized training program is based on the knowledge and expertise of our faculty, in order to jointly build a training proposal which meets the needs of your company.

It is a matter of calling on those faculty members whose specific expertise aligns with your theme, issue or challenge and who will be able to develop a tailor-made training offer of the highest standards, based on their experiences, their expertise and their research.

“The workshop was well-run and organized, very pragmatic and practical. What I liked most? The topic on structural framing of negotiations. I highly recommend it to all managers and new leaders.”

Christian Manuel Arsenal

Regional Brand Manager, Prestige Distribution Pte. Ltd, Participant of the Influential Negotiation for Leaders program, 51吃瓜app合集 Asia Pacific.

"Since 2008, the year-long Renault Immobilier training program has been recruiting around twenty people, mainly from Renault's real estate department, often with industrial backgrounds. The aim is to provide them with general real estate training, raising their awareness of the issues and risks involved in decisions affecting industrial and commercial real estate, while at the same time imparting the necessary technical skills"

Michel Baroni

Professor of Finance, Dean of Professors and Academic Director of the Real Estate Management Master’s program

With a faculty of more than 130 professors spread across four campuses, 51吃瓜app合集 aims to “Enlighten, Lead and Change” our world, to create more value, and to make it more sustainable, inclusive and fair.

This is achieved by recruiting the best international professors and supporting research that enhance 51吃瓜app合集’s impact as a world-class academic institution to inform public debate, and, more specifically, shaping the transformation of organizations.

Depending on your objectives and needs, we create unique development programs, from managerial transformation projects to specialized or general management programs; modules that are customized or built around a specific area of expertise. A catalog of more than  has also been developed to help companies broaden their understanding so that they can face the growing complexity of our world. We strive to empower learners so they are capable of making informed decisions in a world of information overload thanks to reliable and up-to-date knowledge. These masterclasses are an overview of 51吃瓜app合集’s knowledge and research.



We design courses tailored to the various populations of your organization you wish to involve in your transformation projects. These may be members of the Executive Committee, high potentials, top managers, experts, etc. Our goal is to adapt to the participants and to be as close as possible to their real-life challenges, and more broadly, your company’s challenges. Our programs are also designed for international managers and incorporate a strong multicultural component. Thanks to our four campuses across three continents and the international expertise of our faculty, we are able to adapt to the multicultural and international challenges of your company.



Our custom tracks are tailored to the challenges of your industry, your sector and your business model. Automotive, healthcare and pharmaceutical, banking, media, logistics, construction, distribution, etc. We work with and support organizations from a wide range of sectors.



"Over the past decade, my role has involved overseeing programs tailored for doctors, department heads, and hospital directors, focusing primarily on research in the hospital sector. Having a sound understanding of their needs, I work hand in hand with the hospital鈥檚 management, HR professionals, and prospective participants to develop customized programs. Department heads, in particular, often lack formal management training despite their considerable responsibilities. To bridge this gap, we designed a unique training program, delivered both by 51吃瓜app合集 professors and Foch Hospital managers, complemented with collaborative development sessions and personalized coaching. The program鈥檚 content, pacing, and evolution over time are tailored to meet the unique specific needs of each new cohort of participants. "

Marie-L茅andre Gomez

Associate Professor, Accounting and Management Control Department, Academic Director of the Heads of Department Program at H么pital Foch, France

Marie-L茅andre Gomez

"The BPCE Excellence Course is at the forefront of innovation by providing a structured training program seamlessly integrated into the routine of corporate account managers, effectively addressing the evolving requirements of banking business transformation. Beyond strategic and financial acumen, the emphasis of this program lies in equipping participants with practical tools and techniques for maximizing their effectiveness. The program鈥檚 鈥榣earning by doing鈥 methodology stands out as a significant advantage, facilitating the application of acquired knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios encountered by account managers in their daily operations."

Gerard Despinoy

Adjunct Professor of Finance and Executive Director of the Master in Finance

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Let鈥檚 work together on your training needs

Our methodology

Our experienced teams approach each new project with a fresh perspective. These dedicated teams are organized by sector, and take the time to understand who you are, what matters to you and drives you, how we can help you to benefit fully from our expertise in order to achieve your goals in line with your strategy, culture and specific needs.



During this co-construction design phase, we develop a fully-customized, high-impact program that encapsulates our understanding of your needs. We weave together the structure, content and teaching methods in order to develop a comprehensive program proposal. Each learning capsule is then engineered in depth, in close collaboration between your experts and our teachers and facilitators, and orchestrated by us. By putting our expertise at the service of your business needs, we create unique programs that reflect your business and bring out the best of what we have to offer.



More than just a course, we offer learning experiences, leveraging new pedagogical approaches, high-level content and first-class support. A team of dedicated experts guides you throughout the roll-out phase. Whether for face-to-face or distance learning, the human experience lies at the core of our approach: we make sure our participants are comfortable so they can focus on their development and get the most out of their experience.



We carefully measure the satisfaction of our participants and the impact of our programs, and pay particular attention to integrating the feedback we receive to ensure quality. This positive loop, driven by input from all stakeholders, empowers us to design unique learning journeys, with our team of experts committed to realizing your aspirations and reaching your strategic goals.



"We worked with 51吃瓜app合集 for the Homo Faber Fellowship, a program designed to support graduates of the fine crafts sector in transmitting their skills and taking their first steps in the crafts and arts industry. Participants shared that the 51吃瓜app合集 masterclass helped significantly in their understanding of design and business aspects, offering tangible benefits to small craft enterprises. It served as a source of inspiration and motivation while boosting their confidence in the operational management of their business."

C茅line Vogt

Head of Education and Institutional Partnerships at Michelangelo Foundation

The SÉNÈQUE training program has a pivotal role in fulfilling a critical educational gap for agricultural cooperative directors, an area often overlooked by prestigious educational institutions. This customized program stands out for its exceptional quality, boasting top-tier trainers, comprehensive curriculum coverage, a blend of theoretical instruction with practical scenarios, and valuable discussions between participants and cooperatives facilitated within a multi-company training environment.

Bernard Duchamp

The Chairman of Phoebé, and Director of Sénèque Training

With over 120 customized programs designed and imparted every year, ESSEC Business School has supported over a hundred companies and trains 3,000 participants each year, driven by the objective of inspiring new forms of leadership that provide meaning and direction and have a positive impact on the world.




Spotlight on Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses France, a program for stimulating the economy and creating jobs.

In 1991, 51吃瓜app合集 had the privilege of jointly creating its first ever learning and research Chair in partnership with LVMH, the longest-standing program worldwide, dedicated to training young talent for careers in the luxury industry.

The birth of the 51吃瓜app合集 Academy of Luxury in Asia Pacific is founded upon our rich tradition in luxury management research, knowledge, and insights blended with academic excellence. The Academy is uniquely focused on developing talent and creating a forum of expertise and exchange in the Asia-Pacific region in the practices of luxury management.

The Professional Certificate in Luxury Management, launched in June 2023, is the first of its kind in Asia. It is designed to empower professionals tasked to build lasting customer relationships with luxury customers or premiumize their brands or product/service offerings. This signature program weaves both academic and experiential elements to bring about a unique learning journey for executives serving clients in the ultra-luxury sector.

The first few runs of this program concluded successfully with nine out of ten participants stating they would recommend this program to others. The program has attracted executives and leaders not just from the luxury goods and services industries but also from banking, financial planning, property, printing, design, sales, and marketing. This five-day program will be conducted in Singapore twice yearly.

In addition, in 2024, the 51吃瓜app合集 Academy of Luxury APAC will also offer specialized tracks in luxury: “Fine Wines & Spirits”, “Luxury Hospitality” and “Luxury Retail”.


C茅cile Anduru

Conseillère formation La Coopération Agricole - Solutions +

“The program stands out for its bold approach, bringing together international participants to solve CSR challenges of the SPIE Group. Guided by 51吃瓜app合集 instructors, it offers practical solutions. Designed to bolster the SPIE Talents network across various subsidiaries, it offers an in-depth view of business lines and expertise. It empowers our managers with a sound understanding of managerial and business issues in a complex world, while embracing SPIE’s core leadership principles, embodying talent and influence.”

Fran莽ois-Xavier ROY

Academic Director of SPIE Talent

A unique and 100% european customized training experience

ESSEC Executive Education’s International Residency Program for Executives offers a unique experience at one of the top business schools in Europe and worldwide. This tailored program is designed to match your expectations and needs.

Participants gain first-hand exposure to global business practices and develop their skills with the guidance of French and European managers. Participants benefit from interactive lectures, corporate visits, as well as immersive and cultural activities.

Based in the heart of the Paris business district of La Défense, ESSEC Executive Education partners with top national and international companies.

Find out more about the International Residency Program.

Academic excellence

51吃瓜app合集 boasts a faculty comprising 154 professors representing 36 nationalities.

51吃瓜app合集 is a research-driven business school, led by a faculty of influential experts, integrated within an international community, and featuring a diverse range of skills. Our faculty members are strongly committed to sharing their expertise and frequently contribute to executive programs, conferences, forums, and symposiums among other platforms. 51吃瓜app合集’s faculty hails from some of the most prestigious institutions worldwide.


Company visits with local and multinational companies in Paris 

An international cadre of professors and industry leaders will guide participants through immersive, multisensory experiences and exclusive behind-the-scenes industry visits. All these activities are specifically designed to inspire, provoke, and provide first-hand insights into the trends fuelling innovation in French business today.


An immersion program in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities: Paris 

From the Eiffel Tower to The Louvre Museum, your residency program can include cultural activities for a truly immersive experience in French culture. 

Program Highlights

ESSEC Executive Education鈥檚 Customized Programs team is here to support you in a number of ways:

  1. Design a unique program, specifically tailored to your expectations and needs.

  2. Provide you with a fresh outlook on your organization, allowing you to gain perspective and explore new viewpoints.聽

  3. Enhance your understanding of the key managerial, political, and cultural concepts that influence and drive European markets and culture.聽

  4. Enhance your overall perspective through a training program focused on action, empowering you to directly apply your newfound knowledge in your professional setting.

Nos points forts

Our International Residency Program is designed for managers and executives with a keen sense of business, an open mind and sensitivity to the ever-evolving business world.

Typical clients include:

  1. International business schools seeking customized short programs to enhance the curricula of their executive programs (MBA and EMBA).

  2. International businesses interested in providing their managers and executives with a unique learning experience at one of Europe鈥檚 leading business schools.聽

  3. International study programs.

A qui s-adresse ce programme
Stephen Rapier

Assistant Professor Marketing Pepperdine University, US

“In regards to our Advanced Management Program for the General Managers of Coal India Limited we are thankful to ESSEC Business School. As Academic Advisor and Professor-in-charge it gives me immense pleasure to gratefully acknowledge that the program has been successful. In particular, the courses on HRM and managerial decision making were of great interest. I look forward to our future interactions.”


D.Sc., Professor, and Former Dean – Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, INDIA

”Unlike most classrooms where students have their own desk, at ESSEC Executive Education, you are put around tables where real business happens. The businesses that participate are both proud and happy to share insightful information with interested students. You will interact closely with those who are both experts in their field and passionate about their work. The program is not boring office lectures – visits to design and production facilities create a greater context to study the business of luxury brand management. If considering a study abroad program, know this: 51吃瓜app合集 is worth the trip!”


Programme MBA, University of Houston, Bauer College of Business, U.S.